Technical Service

SINOTRUK has obvious technical and market leading advantages in the heavy-duty automobile industry

Customer demand has always been the driving force of Sinotruk's change and innovation and the core of Sinotruk product research and development. Sinotruk R&D is devoted to providing tailor-made solutions for our customers.

As you would expect, all Sinotruk Vehicles have a complete suite of manuals and documents to support its operation and ownership. This includes operational and maintenance manuals and equipment technical data to ensure you have information at your convenience. If you need spare parts books, maintenance or operator manuals for any of your Sinotruk vehicles, get in touch with us.

Sharp Tools Make Good Work

  • 24/7 hotline service.

  • Tailored advisory service
    for every customer.

  • Strict product inspection
    before delivery.

  • Maximum 15-minute
    response time