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The Visiting to CNHTC of Developing Countries’ Inspection Delegation Invited by The International Liaison Department

Date:12-22-2017 Print

 On March, 28th, the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the CPC invited the inspection delegation to visit CNHTC, this delegation is headed by Berahne Gabriel Christopher, the special envoy of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. The executive director of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Hong Kong), Wang Shanpo, warmly welcomed the delegation and accompanied them to visit the laboratory of CNHTC Museum and technical centers.
SINOTRUK Group always in the continuous development and consolidation of the domestic market, at the same time, in order to build an international enterprise, unswervingly implement the international strategy, and actively explored the international market. At present, Sinotruk Group has offices, KD assembly plant, distribution service outlets in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and other places, in a total of more than 300, and products have been exported to the world nearly 100 countries and regions, exports to maintain the country's heavy truck industry first for twelve consecutive years.
Through the live observation in the sense, the delegation has a more profound understanding of of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and SINOTRUK brand,they highly praised for the level of Research & Development also manufacturing of heavy-duty vehicles in China, and fully affirmed the achievements made by CNHTC for more than 60 years.
Most of the visiting delegation members have seen Chinese heavy trucks in their own countries. They said, "SINOTRUK" heavy duty trucks are efficient, modern, and have good quality, especially the construction vehicles in their country have a very good reputation. They also suggested that CNHTC could strengthen the training of drivers at the same time when selling vehicles, so that CNHTC can better promote sales to enhance, but also to improve the level of local drivers to maintain trucks.
Wang Shanpo thanked the members of the delegation for their suggestions, and praised their proposals are very professional, welcome them to visit CNHTC again in the nearest future. CNHTC must carefully study the road environment, the driver situation in different countries and regions, and will constantly improve the marketing services, make a positive contribution for the development and economic development in the developing countries.
The delegation consists of 14 well-known scholars from Ethiopia, Cambodia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.

General Introduction
China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp., Ltd. (SINOTRUK) is China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer, initially founded in 1956 and the cradle of China’s heavy duty truck industry. It once manufactured China’s first heavy duty truck – HUANGHE branded JN150 8-ton truck in 1960; and successfully introduced the STEYR heavy duty truck project from Austria and became China’s first company to comprehensively introduce foreign heavy duty truck manufacturing technology of complete vehicle in 1983.
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